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About Us

Rob and Maryann Albers        9495 W. Elwin Rd.       Blue Mound, IL 62513       (217) 855-7497 

Farming the same land my great, great grandparents did in the 1800's.


At Albers Farms we're feeding the world and taking care of the land for the generations to come at the same time. 


We believe in stewardship for the land and our natural resources through conservation reserve programs and conservation tillage as well as through the controlled application of fertilizers, herbicides and other chemicals. We utilize the latest technologies to apply just the right amount of fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide and other chemicals just where they are needed thereby helping protect the farmland and the environment around it.


Service is our motto.


Working hand in hand with our landlords and treating their land like it was our own is the most important thing we do. We strive to respond to any request no matter how big or small.



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